Stances on Issues



Student loan debt is a drag on our nation's current and future economy.  It prevents people from owning homes, and opening businesses.  We need to bring down the price of tuition, the cost of loans, and educate students about alternative education such as vocational training, community colleges, and learning through libraries.

I built my business in the education and library space. I created an entrepreneurship curriculum taught at colleges around the country.  Through that experience, I learned the value of alternate avenues of education.  We need to embrace new forms of education to stay relevant in the modern world.


We should welcome immigrants who come legally. We should deter anyone who wants to come illegally. I support building a wall that discourages people to tear apart their family, walk across a desert, risk dehydration, starvation and human trafficking to our country where they have to fear deportation on a daily basis.

The United States, can and should be a beacon of hope.  We need comprehensive immigration reform, that simplifies the process, invites the best talent to come to the United States, encourages people to integrate quickly into the fabric of society, and to become productive tax-paying citizens.


I believe in peace through strength, and an end to endless wars.  As a  former Naval Officer, I saw my own six month deployment turn into a year due to weak foreign policy in the Obama years.  I saw families ripped apart by distance and death.  I also saw my ship's lack of parts and broken equipment, and we were denied the resources needed to fight and win.  I don't support America as the world's police.  We must ensure our Military remains the deadliest fighting force known to man, and simultaneously show restraint in using it.


Can you answer which hospital has cheaper Tylenol nearby? If not, it's not a free market.  Our current politicians fail us the moment they ask "How can we pay for it" instead of "Why is the bill so high?"  We need to embrace free market policies to make healthcare pricing more transparent and open, to push the cost of healthcare lower.


It was written for a reason, and that reason has not changed. There is however a need for comprehensive mental health reform.  68% of gun related deaths were suicides in 2016 according to the CDC.  People need better access to mental healthcare to reduce gun violence.  My own family and friends have suffered and lost that battle. We should focus our efforts on the root cause of problems, human suffering and mental illness.  An inch of those solutions are worth a mile of gun control.


My personal belief is that a human life starts when its own heart starts beating.  At that moment it is an innocent, separate individual, worthy of protection and deserving of love.  I support sex education,  access to care and contraceptives, and the conservation of life.