Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you running?

In 2018, I felt the candidates showed a lack of integrity, and as a community we became more divided.  The election was more about the candidates themselves than the issues.  I feel the direction proposed by Congresswoman Underwood and the division she created is the wrong direction for IL-14.

Have you held office?

No. That's exactly why I'm running.  I think we've been governed in legislature for far too long by career politicians, and people who "waited their turn" in administrations.  I believe in a citizen led government, not a ruling-class.

Where were you born?

Nashua, New Hampshire.  I moved to Warrenville, IL when I was 4 years old.  I've lived around the world with the Navy, but I came home.  This is my home where my family and friends live.  I love this place and I will give everything to protect my home.

What are your political ambitions?

I'm running to course correct our policies, if you forgive the Naval terminology.  I do not want to become a career politician, and I formally term-limit myself to no more than 10 years.

Whats your biggest concern?

Hate. It's everywhere. Right here in IL-14 I see it getting worse after the divisive 2018 elections.  We need to be bigger, take a stand and love our neighbors.

What did I miss?

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